COVID19 health and wellness policies will be adjusted as needed.

Dance Dynamics has installed protective barriers, floor guides and touchless hand sanitizers. Students will also enjoy our “Washy Washy” song to use as a guide for hand washing! Our facility is using strict physical distancing as well as adapting our training program to ensure our program is safe during this time of COVID research.

The air quality at Dance Dynamics was upgraded to an extensive Air Purifying system from 2013 through 2019. There are three clean air units throughout the 7000 square foot building. HALO adapters will be in place for extra, extra cleaning of the air.

The health and wellness sanitization has always been included in the daily cleaning procedures at Dance Dynamics. We also encourage our students to “think healthy, be healthy” through brain health protocol to do their best in school, home and life. A healthy lifestyle has always been a part of the education provided with the programs at DDPAC.

Please be sure to review these guidelines to help us keep a comfortable environment for students ready to come in for training programs. Top Ten!

  1. ANY STUDENT WHO IS NOT FEELING THEIR 100% BEST, PLEASE JOIN US VIRTUALLY. Class can be taken virtually and you will benefit through enriched home based learning. It’s been very valuable for those students enrolled.
  2. If you have been traveling to high-risk areas, please self-quarantine before coming into our facility.
  3. If you feel you cannot keep the required physical distance from your friends, you are not ready to come back. We must use strict physical distancing. We follow CDC guidelines.
  4. No open food or drink. Example: No Starbucks type of drinks with a lid. Water / Non sugar, clear type drinks only in your own container. Any containers left at the studio will be thrown away. (This is not a new rule.)  Food may be consumed outside the studio, while using physical distancing, please. 
  5. Must wear shoes and appropriate dance attire. No bare legs, no bare midriffs. (That’s not a new rule.) 
  6. Outdoor shoes must be changed BEFORE entering our dance rooms. No outdoor shoes for hip hop or other classes.
  7. Of course we know you will wash hands and sing our “Washy Washy” song in your best voice… in your head and make smart choices for the health and benefit for all people.
  8. We will remain very strict on these rules so we stay open as long as families and staff are comfortable. 
  9. Please respect and follow our notice. We have researched and made the best choices we can to service as many families as possible. If you do not like or agree with our rules, we understand but this is what we need to do for now. We will continue to provide enriched learning through our virtual class option.
  10. If your family is not ready for you to return to the studio – it is absolutely okay to continue to join class through Zoom. Respect their decision. We want people comfortable and who are absolutely confident of yourself and others.