“My first day at Dance Dynamics I was 3 years old and cried my eyes out when my Mom left me for my 1st Pre-dance class. 15 years later I graduated from Dance Dynamics and went to pursue a career in the “tough” entertainment industry. Not too long after my last recital I was “happy” crying as the casting director from Walt Disney World handed me my very first professional dance contract. Everything I had obtained from Dance Dynamics and Miss Dori has carried me to where I am today. It wasn’t just learning how to dance…. Life skills, commitment, dedication, discipline, work ethic…. All the way down to what to wear at an audition or prepare for my biggest school presentation. Dance Dynamics is the best “all around” Performing Arts Center you will find. It will always be my 2nd home and extended family. So when casting directors, producers, and choreographers ask me where I received my excellent training, I am honored to tell them Dance Dynamics!”