I didn’t realize how much Dance Dynamics meant to me until I didn’t have the option to go there…I was stage managing a tour that was out on the road for 10 months. I knew within the first few days that Dance Dynamics was where I belonged and that teaching was my passion. The experiences that Miss Dori has taught and shared with me are priceless and I look foreword to many more years of learning and sharing the gift of dance with everyone that walks through these doors.

Kelli LaVine

Tegan loves this place. And they got another “Dynamic Dad.”

Jon Scott

Our daughters have been dancing at Dance Dynamics for years. They love it and we are very happy there. The staff is the best!

Jeff Pratt

Its our 7th year at Dance Dynamics and our daughter loves it like its her first day at the studio:) Always fresh ideas and changes to make each dance year exciting, fun and new!!!! Great place to grow not only as a dancer but as a person:)

Catherine Laichalk Shore