Beginner Students  *  Experienced Students!

Age 2 to 18    *    Boys & Girls

Beginners may start at any age, in their own age group.

Recreational students are the most important members of the DDPAC.

Something for EVERYONE.
Flexible schedules to fit your family needs.

Join our Family.    *     Exercise & Fun
Meet new friends to have for a lifetime. 

Learn life skills while enjoying performing arts. We strive to teach the students in our recreational dance classes excellence in life through performance education. Our most experienced, adult teachers formulate and teach the programs for recreational classes. We feel teaching proper technique in the younger years is essential to the development of the student’s growth and learning skills. Through our programs our students gain confidence and build self-esteem. Our instructors are helpful, nurturing and honest with students.

All recreational dance classes not only enjoy learning fun and creative skills, but they learn speaking, modeling and acting techniques too! We offer recreational classes in dance, voice and acting.

Students are surrounded by excellent role models with great morals and work ethics to share.

Recreational dance classes have reasonable monthly tuition to enable more students to participate. We have something wonderful to share with children in the community. Every class at the Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center is sure to be age appropriate with edited music that is suitable for children. Classes that have the opportunity to perform in shows will be assured to have costuming that is appropriate for children of all sizes and shapes. Choreography for each class is also appropriate for their age and ability.

A family can be assured they will find leaders in the community who will share their love of entertainment and life with their children. The Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center is a healthy atmosphere to learn dance, but more so… life skills.

It’s Simple!   It’s Fun!   It’s Affordable! 

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