The Dance Dynamics Team is a student group who love to perform and want to be a part of something special at Dance Dynamics. Students are usually from our “Ensemble” teams and have an opportunity for more performances, events and learn what it takes for the competition atmosphere. DDPAC does not hold dance competition as a high priority. Each season is different for the Team and we are involved in events that will bring the best out of the students, have a healthy atmosphere and promote teamwork, discipline and being a wonderful person. The Team is an exciting training ground for students who want to reach a higher level of training, be with friends and become a part of the Dynamic culture DDPAC brings to the community.

The Team is available for community shows and events! The Dance Dynamics Team can be a training ground for professional entertainment careers. The Team is designed so that students are able to fit other interests into their schedules. Team activities include all Dance Dynamics shows, useful and educational events, Holiday Shows at area centers and a variety of summer performances could also be included in the season!

Team dancers are highly respected in the community! Auditions for the Dance Dynamics Team are held in the early fall each year. Team rehearsals begin in the month of October!

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