The “Ensemble” at Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center is a special team of students wanting to do more with their dance experience. The “Ensemble” replaces a typcial dance competition team. Even though there may be competition opportunity as an “Ensemble” dancer, this is not the focus at DDPAC. Healthy training, great schedules and being a part of something special is what is important. The “Ensemble” trains students for a higher level of dance and provides wonderful opportunities throughout the season. Schedules are flexible for those with great communication. It’s simple and families have a great idea of the schedule prior to registration. “Ensemble” students are involved only 1 to 2 days per week. Come at a minimum or increase your training with more. It’s all what is best for you and your family.

Students interested in the PERFORMING ENSEMBLE  for the upcoming season will apply by application. Performing Ensemble Class applications are available in March and should be returned by May 1st for quick response. Students moving into the area or transfering into DDPAC are all welcome to apply for the “Ensemble” opportunity. Always welcoming. Performing Ensemble Class directors will do a full evaluation for each student and give you the best chance to be placed in the proper Performing Ensemble Class.

There is an application fee of $10-25 depending on the time of year. This fee covers the process for the entire staff to review your placement.
Auditions are required each year to be placed in a Performing Ensemble Class. Students who have participated in a Performing Ensemble Class in the past audition every season for placement.

Pick up an application at Dance Dynamics! Auditions are required each year to be placed in a Performing Ensemble Class.


Performing Ensemble Class Students

Part one of your fee is due October 17th.

Part two of your fee is due November 17th.

Part three of your fee is due February 17th.

Payments must be made on time. Thank you!

Performing Ensemble Class details regarding requirements and fees are in your registration booklet in your purple registration folder. This is very important information. Have fun! It will be worth it!